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Soft White Light Bulbs

Are you wanting for a new light bulb to add to your ecosmart collection? Here are some new Soft White led lights to choose from, these lights are equivalent to an 60-watt equivalent a19 light bulb. That’s right, they’re Soft White led lights that look 8-packs of Soft white, they’re an exceptional surrogate to add a bit of color to your home décor and can be favorite with the animals.

Light Bulbs Soft White

Our equivalent light bulbs are made of ge quality Soft White light and have an 4 watt hours guaranteed on long-term use, these Soft White light bulbs are first-rate for your home or office and will only cost you about 4$ per year. This Soft White light bulbs is an 4-pack dusk to dawn a19 e26 light bulbs led outdoor porch light bulb, these led outdoor light bulbs are practical surrogate for somebody who wants to light up their porch or walkway. They are basic to control and offer a fantastic deal of light, making them valuable for any usage, the Soft White light bulbs are terrific alternative for incandescent lights because they are effortless to light and produce a good light color. This set of 8 ge Soft White light bulbs is top-of-the-heap for an individual who wants to light a Soft White or incandescent light, the bulb is an unrivaled alternative for these lights because it is facile to light and they are good for both hard and Soft walls. This Soft White light bulb also gives a low power consumption, so it is good for people with medium to high power needs, this Soft White light bulbs suite comes with 8 pack of ge Soft White light bulbs, which are 100 watt hours per led. The Soft White light bulbs are White and have an 4:3 ratio that makes them look good on most surfaces.