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Medium Base Led Night Light Bulb

Introducing the Medium Base Led Night light bulb, unequaled for use with home ecosystem products, our wi-fi compatible alexa remote lets you turn on/off/multi-task with ease. Plus, the Medium Base makes it effortless to find what you're digging for on the screen.

Cheap Medium Base Led Night Light Bulb

The philips Night light s11 Bulb 2800-kelvin 7, 5-watt Medium screw Base Led Night light Bulb is first-rate for adding a touch of light and warmth to your home décor. The mount for this Led light Bulb is high-quality stainless steel and it provides vesa compatible troops with excellent light distribution, the philips Night light Bulb is further to go up to 2800 kelvin'' which is terrific for any purpose. This Medium Base Led Night light Bulb is a splendid way for an office or library, it's clean look will make you look more presentable, and its electric shut off time allows you to easily. The Bulb options offer a wide range of colors that are sure to please any decorator, this is a practical Bulb for the home with a large rear window. The light Bulb is in the form of a Base and the light Bulb is connected to the Base with.