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Light Bulb Socket Safety Plug

This is an 2 9012 extension wiring harness sockets adapter headlights fog lights light Bulb Socket Safety plug, it can also be used to connect fog lights to vehicles headlights.

Cheap Light Bulb Socket Safety Plug

This light Bulb Socket Safety Plug is for use with 2 x 3157 white 30-smd led bulbs driving daytime running light units, it is a must for this type of bulb, as it allows the light Bulb to shine brightly for days running. It is located at g3 and g8, this Plug is used to connect other safety-related plugs to the light Bulb socket, when using these circuits, it is important to handle a wire graphics shop to help you connect and test the plugs yourself. The light Bulb Socket Safety Plug is designed to protect consumers by preventing them from be while using light bulbs, this Plug provides workmanship and is produced of stainless steel for durability. It is likewise made to resist corrosion and have a long life, it is an 3. 5 mm Plug type Plug that can be used with ak-81100 digital audio music player, the light Bulb Socket is Safety to operate with this plug. The Plug can be used with the ak-81100 to turn the light on and off.